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Page history last edited by Jerome Colburn 7 years, 4 months ago

Here's the new new home of the County Champaign Irish Tune Collections Online. The collections have been reworked to include tables of contents, prefaces, and indexes of tunes by title, and there is now a third volume. New in May 2007: To get each volume, just click the link on its title in the left column in the table below. [January 2017: For volume 2, click the link, and then click Download on the page you're taken to.]


The Collection...

Volume 1

This volume, first issued in 2001, no longer claims to be the "Top 100 Tunes," because how could one pick a top 100?

October 2006: Even if you've already got this volume, go ahead and refresh your copy to get some corrections to the tunes as well as a built-in table of contents, index, preface, and a guide to the notation and ornaments.

Volume 2

First issued in 2003.

October 2006: After all the dust has settled from the intervening years, there are gems in here that could use a good dusting off... pick them up and bring them to the next session!

Volume 3

At long last (October 2006), the Collections are 100 tunes closer to representing our repertoire... but still so far, so far. Many of the jigs, reels, hornpipes, reels, polkas, reels, marches, reels, mazurkas, and reels in this volume are tunes that came to be played in Co. Champaign from about the fall of 2005 to the fall of 2006.








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